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Last month, we released SafeStaking, a much @Safe-r way for any web3 project to stake their tokens.

Today, we look at how another project can benefit from SafeStaking. Our good frens @restakingcloud



Compatible with solo stakers & DVT



Diving into the future of Ethereum staking with Restaking Cloud's K2 Protocol.

Discover how Native Delegation and RSTs (Restaked Staking Tokens) reshape innovation, and see Restaking Cloud in action.

yumatrades.eth - #6585


@SafeStakeDVT DVT tech and Restaked Staking Tokens from @RestakingCloud (RSTs) are redefining the #staking game! These innovative tools bring a new layer of abstraction, creating more yield opportunities and enhanced flexibility for node operators. #DeFi #Ethereum #RestakingRevolution ...

Everyone is talking about eigenlayer, but you should check out this project ;)



Do you remember Edi's talk at#MultichainDayin Istanbul?@RestakingCloud
There@edisinovcictouched the topic of how@Nimbora_provides seamless and low-cost scaling experience from#L1to#L2

Juan Carlos Andreu


I'll be discussing benefits of re-staking in a space today. Join us in 30m!!



We are bullish on restaking, come learn how@RestakingCloud is working on decentralizing restaking!

Tuesday Nov 7 at 4p UTC



9)@RestakingCloudjust released its testnet! If you want to be early in this next level restaking protocol, be sure to participate!

Hot and spicy About restaking visions!

The K2 Ecosystem

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Adaptive Staking Pool.

Delegate your ETH validator for extra yield.

K2 is a permissionless staking pool without a single point of authority. It redistributes Ethereum security for other networks, middlewares, and dapps to reinforce their decentralization. It allows existing validators to natively delegate their validator balances and LSTs to earn extra yield from K2 providing state security.

Use cases include L1s, L2s, oracles, rollups, DeFi protocols, etc.

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Restaked Staking Tokens

Mint RSTs when you borrow through K2. Use these tokens for protocol operations and more.

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